H2O Prepay (Smithtown)

This form is for people who wish to purchase an item for another guest or pay for their entire bill. Please make sure the reservation already exists in our system and the information is accurate so we are able to match your form to the correct party. Feel free to call the restaurant at 631-361-6464 if you have any questions.

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When To Inform the Guests

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You will have to designate a maximum expenditure you are willing to authorize on your credit card. This charge will incur a 20% gratuity and 8.625% NYS Sales Tax. You can see these fees in the shopping cart once you have added this item. If you would like change the gratuity amount, please call the restaurant. Although your card will not be charged right away, a pending authorization will appear on your credit card statement for the maximum expenditure you designate below. Please note that if you use a debit card, your bank may withhold this money from your account until the final transaction is complete. After goods and services have been delivered on the date of the reservation, we will charge your card for the actual amount spent on the following business day.

Terms of Service *

The actual amount charged to your credit card may be up to, but will not exceed the maximum expenditure authorized, and will include a 20% service charge and 8.625% NY Sales Tax. If you would like change the gratuity amount, please call the restaurant. Should the designated amount not cover the entire bill, the guest will be responsible for covering the remaining balance.

You must call the restaurant at 631-361-6464 after filling out this form to confirm receipt.
This is especially sensitive for those submitted within 24 hours of the reservation time. This form must be submitted before the reservation start time.

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